Performance Swimming in Kirklees

Yorkshire Championships 2020

John Charles Aquatics Center- Leeds and Ponds Forge- Sheffield Long Course Level 1 Squads Competing- All qualifiers

BOK achieved- Individual swimmers- 8 Gold, 22 Silver ,8 Bronze and an additional 85 finalist places. Our Teams achieved 2 silvers and 4 bronze from 17 finals.

GOLD- Ben Croft, Chloe Hirst, Emily Brook, Harry Mervill (2), Luke Clegg, Ruby Knight, Thomas Brooks

SILVER- Ben Croft (2), Brandon Cartwright (2), Emily Brook (4), Georgina Wright (3), Harry Mervill, James Plant (4), Luke Clegg, Luke Smith (2), Ruby Knight (3).

BRONZE- Alexandra Woodhead, Ben Croft, Chloe Hirst, Georgina Wright, James Plant, Luke Clegg (2), Luke Smith.

Additional finalists- Abigail Naylor (2), Alexandra Woodhead, Amelia Jones, Ben Croft, Brandon Cartwright (6), Chloe Hirst (8), Daniel Jackson (3), Elliot Masson (3), Emily Brook (5), Emily Hirst, Emily Oliver (2), Eva Knight (2), Freya Charlesworth (2), Georgina Wright, Gracie Beaumont (3), Harry Mervill (3), Holly Pearson, James Plant, Jessica Smelt (2), Louis Cass, Luke Clegg (4), Martin Smith (8), Molly Marsh (2), Niamh Boulding (3), Rory Bryant (3), Ruby Knight (5), Sally Rutledge (4), Thomas Brooks (3), Tyler Atilman, Zach Beattie (3).

Thank you to coaches and Team managers for you time on poolside over the 3 weekends.

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