Performance Swimming in Kirklees

Sheffield Summer Meet- Saturday 23rd- Sunday 24th July 2016

Sheffield Summer Meet 2016- Level 3
Ponds Forge
All squads competing

Bok acheived-
Age group medals- (Age groups 9/10, 11/12, 13/14)
Gold-8. Silver-12. Bronze-16, plus an additional 79 top 10 places within their age groupings.

Gold within age group
Adam Law (3), Alistair Henderson, Chloe Hirst, Holly Pearson, Luke Clegg, Ruby Knight.
Silver within age group
Emily Brook, Alistair Henderson, Eleanor Bradley, Emily Oliver, Georgina Wright, Jaime Fitton
Laura Bowler, Martha Bradley, Matthew Jackson, Rosie Jackson, Ruby Knight (2).
Bronze within age group
Adam Law, Alistair Henderson, Daniel Jackson, Emily Brook, Georgina Wright, Luke Clegg (4),
Martha Bradley, Martin Smith, Megan Bellhouse- Smith, Rosie Jackson, Ruby Knight (2)

Top 10 placings within age groups
Adam Kanan, Alexander Haigh, Bailey Ross, Brandon Cartwright, Brooke Inglesfield (2),
Chloe Hirst (4)Daniel Jackson (6), Eleanor Bradley , Elliot Mason, Emily Brook (3),
Emily Oliver (3), Erin Scally, Georgina Wright, Hannah Clegg (3), Holly Pearson,
Isobel Netherwood (3), Isobel Richardson, Jacob Grierson, Jaime Fitton (4), Jamie Pridgeon (4),
Joshua Loizou (3),Lillie Bryant (2), Luke Clegg (2), Martin Smith (3), Matthew Jackson(4),
Max Broadley, Megan Bellhouse-Smith (2), Megan Hamer, Mollie Greene (4), Natasha Clark,
Nicholas Marshall, Rory Bryant (2), Rosie Jackson (2), Ruby Knight (4), Sam Bennett,Tom Dalton (3)

Swimmers aged 14 years and under could also qualify to compete in the finals  where they could again achieve medals.
Medallists in the 14 years and under finals-
Gold – Adam Law (1) Silver- Rosie Jackson (1) Bronze– Adam Law (1)
Finalists in the 14 years and under finals-
Chloe Hirst (3), Emily Brook, Georgina Wright, Holly Pearson, Jaime Fitton (2), Matthew Jackson,
Rosie Jackson.

Swimmers age 15 years and over needed to  qualify for their finals to gain a medal.
15 Years and Over Medallist-
Gold- Naomi Grierson

Finalists age 15 years and over-Harrison Edwards, Laura Bowler (2), Naomi Grierson,
Nathan Watts (2)

There were also events which gave an Open age group final-

Open age group Medallists-
Gold –     Megan Bellhouse- Smith
Silver–    Laura Bowler and Georgina Wright
Bronze–  Naomi Grierson and Adam Law

Finalist in Open age groups-
Adam Law, Emily Brook, Harrison Edwards, Jaime Fitton, Laura Bowler, Naomi Grierson, Nathan Watts,
Rosie Jackson

Age 15 years and Over HDW (Younger age groups HDW included in info above)

Silver– Laura Bowler
Bronze– Naomi Grierson

Additional Top 10 placings– Naomi Grierson and Nathan Watts

Thanks to all Team managers and to coaches for their support over the weekend on poolside.

Full results-


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