Performance Swimming in Kirklees

Leeds B Grade Meet- Sat 25th- Sun 26th June 2016

Leeds B Grade Meet- Level 3

John Charles Centre for Sport, Leeds

Competing- JP2, JP1, JD and NP

BOK achieved- 31 Gold, 35 Silver, 32 Bronze and and additional 170 Top 10 Finishes.

Gold- Alastair Henderson (2), Brianna Whitworth, Chloe Hirst, Daniel Jackson (3) ,
Emily Brook (3),Emily Oliver, Georgina Wright, Harrison Laydon-Fritz (2), James Plant,
Libby Grayson,Luke Clegg (3), Martin Smith (2), Milly Boulding (3), Rae Shute (3),Ruby Knight (2),
Thomas Grierson (2).

Silver- Bailey Ross, Chloe Hirst (2), Daniel Jackson (3), Emily Brook (4), Emily Oliver,
Georgina Wright, Harrison Edwards (2), Harrison Layden-Fritz, Jacob Grierson, Libby Grayson,
Luke Clegg (3),Megan Bellhouse- Smith, Mollie Greene (3), Nathan Watts, Niamh Boulding,
Rae Shute (2),Rosie Jackson (3), Ruby Knight, Thomas Grierson (3).

Bronze- Adam Kanan, Callum Lickess, Edith Hodgson, Emily Brook (2), Emily Oliver (2),
Harrison Edwards (4), Isobel Netherwood, Jack Earnshaw, James Plant (2), Jamie Pridgeon (2),
Luke Clegg(2), Martha Bradley, Martin Smith (3), Matthew Jackson, Megan Bellhouse- Smith,
Melissa Moorhouse, Mollie Greene, Niamh Boulding (2), Ruby Knight, Thomas Grierson (2).

Additional Top 10 finishes- Abby Richards (2), Abigail Hancock (2), Adam Kanan (2)
Alastair Henderson (3), Alexandra Muir (2), Alexandra Woodhead (4), Bailey Ross (4)
Brandon Cartwright (4), Brianna Whitworth, Brooke Inglesfield, Callum Lickess (5),
Chloe Hirst (4),Daniel Jackson, Daniel Marshall (4), Edith Hodgson (3), Eleanor Bradley,
Elliot Mason (2), Emilia Hartley, Emily Brook, Emily Frost, Emily Gibson, Emily Oliver (3),
Erin Scally, Georgina Wright,Hannah Clegg (2), Hannah Pridgeon, Harrison Edwards(3),
Harrison Laydon-Fritz, Harvey Kellett, Henry Grierson (5), Holly Ambrick (3),
Isobel Netherwood (3), Izobel Broadley (2), Jack Earnshaw, Jacob Grierson (5),
James Plant (3), Jamie Haines (3), Jamie Pridgeon (5), Jasper Cossey, Joshua Loizou (3),
Libby Grayson (4), Lily Charlesworth, Lily Hayes, Lucy Care, Luke Clegg,Martha Bradley (3),
Martha Hirst, Martin Smith (2), Matthew Jackson (4), Megan Bellhouse-Smith,Megan Hamer (2),
Megan Mayman, Melissa Moorhouse (3), Mia Thomas, Missy Hindle, Mollie Greene,
Molly Haynes, Natasha Clark (2), Nathan Watts, Neve Locke, Niamh Boulding (5),
Niamh Brereton (4),Niamh Moorhouse, Nicholas Marshall (3), Olivia Daley (4), Penny Hobson,
Rosie Jackson (2),Ruby Harris (2), Ruby Knight (3), Samuel Bennett (6), Tom Dalton (6).

Thanks to Coaches Richard Swystun, Joe Daniel and Jason Kan and also to Team managers Rob Haines, Louise Clarke, Michelle Dalton, Jonathan Wright, Julie Taylor, Michelle Hirst, John Edwards and Simon Jackson for time given pool side over the weekend.

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