Performance Swimming in Kirklees

Prescott/ Everton June Summer Open Gala – 10th and 11th June 2017

Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park, Huyton.

Level 3- Short Course

Squads Competing – NP

BOK Acheived-42 Gold, 35 Silver, 31 Bronze and an additional 94 top 8 placings

Gold-Alexandra Woodhead, Brody Clark, Daniel Jackson (2), Emily Brook (3)
Emily Oliver (2), Hannah Speakman (4), Jamie Pridgeon, Lillie Bryant (3), Luke Clegg (10)
Melissa Moorhouse (2), Natasha Green, Niamh Boulding (3), Penny Hobson, Ruby Knight (8).

Silver -Brandon Cartwright (2), Brody Clark (5), Daniel Jackson (2), Edith Hodgson
Eleanor Bradley, Emily Brook (2), Emily Oliver, Gina Speakman, Hannah Speakman (3), Jamie Pridgeon (5),Jessica Hartley, Lillie Bryant , Melissa Moorhouse, Mollie Greene, Natasha Green,
Niamh Boulding,Penny Hobson, Rosie Jackson (2), Sophie Ethelston- Clark (2), Katie Chapman.

Bronze, Alexandra Woodhead, Brandon Cartwright (3), Edith Hodgson, Eleanor Bradley,
Emily Oliver (3), Gina Speakman(3), Jessica Hartley, Melissa Moorhouse (2), Mollie Greene (2),
Natasha Clark, Natasha Green, Neve Locke (5), Niamh Boulding (2), Penny Hobson, Rosie Jackson (4).

Additonal top 8 places– Alexandra Woodhead (2), Neve Locke (4), Brandon Cartwright,
Brody Clark (5), Edith Hodgson, Eleanor Bradley, Elinor Barker-Thompson (2), Emily Oliver (2),
Erin Scally (5), Hannah Clegg (9), Hannah Mortimer (3), Jessica Hartley (7), Katie Chapman (7),
Lillie Bryant (2), Martha Hirst (8), Melissa Moorhouse, Mollie Greene (6), Natasha Clark (4),
Natasha Green (7), Niamh Boulding, Penny Hobson (4), Sophie Ethelston- Clark (9),
Stephanie Booth (3).


Than you to Coaches and Team Managers for their time given on pool side over the weekend

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