Performance Swimming in Kirklees

Chesterfield Spring Qualifier- 6th and 7th April 2019

The Arc- Matlock
Level 3 A/B Grade Short Course
Squads competing- NP, Jp1 and Jp2

BOK achieved- At A Grade- 30 Gold, 32 Silver, 37 Bronze and 90 additional top 8 A grade places

At B Grade- 29 Golds, 26 Silvers and 17 Bronzes

A GRADE GOLD- Amelia Jones, Anya Locke (2), Brook Folan, Daniel Jackson (4), Eva Knight (5), Florence Hobson (2), Freya Charlesworth, Hannah Burns, Imogen Folan, Imogen Jones, Isabel Farmer, Jack McClelland (3), Kara Schuyler, Lachlan Munro (2), Samuel Jackson, Thomas Brooks (3).

A GRADE SILVER- Amelia Jones (2), Anya Locke (2), Ava Garside (2), Brook Folan, Daniel Jackson (4), Ellie Bellhouse-Smith, Finley Townend,  Florence Hobson, Freya Charlesworth (3), Imogen Jones (3), Isabel Farmer, Jack McClelland (4), Kara Schuyler, Lachlan Munro, Neve Locke, Samuel Jackson (3), Tiana Burgin.

A GRADE BRONZE- Andrew Teale, Anya Locke (3), Astrid Carroll, Brook Folan (2), Charlotte Pate (3), Ella Gray (3), Freya Charlesworth (5), Imogen Folan (2), Imogen Jones (2), Jack McClelland, Lachlan Munro (2), Max Broadley (2), Mia Thomas , Molly Inglesfield, Nathan Cox (2),  Samuel Jackson (2), Sophie Ethelston-Clark, Stellan McDonald (2), Steph Booth.

Additional top 8 A GRADE places- Andrew Teale (4), Annabel Broadhead, Anya Locke, Anya Peters, Astrid Carroll, Ava Garside (5), Brook Folan (2), Daisy Newsome (2), Daniel Jackson, Eben Cousin, Ella Banks, Ella Gray (3), Ellie Bellhouse-Smith, Emelia Hartley (2), Emma Webb, Finley Townend (3), Freya Charlesworth (2), Hannah Burns (3), Imogen Folan (2), Imogen Jones, Isabel Farmer (3), Isabelle Coulson (5), Jake Lawford, Kara Schuyler (4), Karen Buehl (2), Luca Shevling, Max Broadley (3), Mia Thomas, Miley Brown (3), Molly Inglesfield (2), Murran Hirst (2), Natasha Quashie, Nathan Cox (2), Neve Locke, Oliver Born (3), Rosie Hobson (2), Rowena Kanan (5), Samuel Jackson, Sophie Ethelston-Clark, Sophie Mansfield, Stellan McDonald, Steph Booth, Thomas Brooks, Thomas Firth, Tiana Burgin (3).

B GRADE GOLD- Brook Folan, Charlotte Pate, Daisy Newsome, Eben Cousin, Ellie Bellhouse-Smith, Hannah Littlewood (2), Karen Buehl, Lily Ethelstone Clark, Max Broadley, Mia Thomas, Miley Brown (3), Murron Hirst, Natasha Clark, Natasha Quashie, Nathan Cox, Neve Locke (3), Olivia Sykes (2), Rowena Kanan, Steph Booth (2), Thomas Firth, William Knight (2)

B GRADE BRONZE- Amelia Jones, Andrew Teale, Hannah Burns, Hannah Littlewood, Isabel Farmer, Kiera Herbert (2), Mia Thomas, Murron Hirst, Natasha Clark, Neve Locke, Rosie Hobson, Rowena Kanan, Sophie Ethelston-Clark, Thomas Firth (2) William Knight

Thank you to Coaches and team managers for time given Poolside over the weekend.

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