Performance Swimming in Kirklees

ASA NER Age Group Summer Championship 2015 results

ASA NER age group Summer Championship 2015 results


Rosie Hepworth (100m Backstroke) & (400m Freestyle)

Holly Pearson (50m Butterfly)


Charlotte Robinson (200 Butterfly), (100m Butterfly) & (50m Butterfly).

Rosie Hepworth (200m Butterfly) & (100m Butterfly)

Nathan Cullen (100m Backstroke), (50m Backstroke), (100m Butterfly), (50m Butterfly).

Holly Pearson (100m freestyle), (50m Freestyle)


Charlotte Robinson (400m Individual Medley) & (200m freestyle)

Rosie Hepworth (200m freestyle)

Alistair Macklin (200m Freestyle)

Nathan Cullen (200m Backstroke)

Holly Pearson (50m Backstroke)

FINALISTS/TOP 10 (In addition to the above )

Adam Akram (2), Milly Boulding (1), Nathan Cullen (1), Thomas Eastwood (2), Jamie Fitton (2), Thomas Grierson (3), Emily Hirst (3), Rosie Hepworth (3), Chloe Hirst(1), Seth Leech (4), Sam Loizou (8),  Alistair Macklin (6), Holly Pearson(2), Charlotte Robinson (6), Rae Shute (1).


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