Performance Swimming in Kirklees

Yorkshire Winter Competition- 20th & 21st October 2018 Upper Age Groups

Ponds Forge , Sheffield

Short Course Level 2

Competing- All Qualifiers


BOK achieved 9 Gold, 12 Silver, 8 Bronze and additional 38 top 10 places

Gold- Chloe Hirst (5),Luke Smith, Milly Boulding (3).

Silver- Adam Law (3), Avril Bowler (4), Chloe Hirst (2), Luke Smith, Milly Boulding (2).

Bronze- Chloe Hirst (2), Georgina Wright (3), Jacob Grierson, Luke Smith, Milly Boulding.

Additional top 10 Places- Adam Law (5), Alexandra Woodhead, Brody Clark (5), Emily Brook (4),
Emily Hirst, Finlay Addy-Child Georgina Wright (2),Holly Pearson (3), Jacob Grierson (3),
Libby Grayson, Luke Clegg, Luke Smith (3), Martha Hirst, Martin Smith (3), Milly Boulding,
Niamh Boulding, Penny Hobson, Sally Rutledge.

Well done to all qualifiers

Thank you to Coaches and Team Managers for time given on Poolside over the weekend.


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