Performance Swimming in Kirklees

Yorkshire Winter Competition 2018- 15th- 16th September – Lower Age Groups

John Charles Centre for Sport, Leeds
Short Course- Level 2
Competing- All Qualifier

BOK achieved- 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 5 Bronze medals and an additional 19 top 10 positions.

Gold- – Daniel Jackson, Ruby Knight (2).

Silver-– Daniel Jackson, Eva Knight, Ruby Knight (2).

Bronze – Daniel Jackson, Molly Marsh (2), Ruby Knight, Harry Mervill.

Additional top 10 places– Daniel Jackson, Eva Knight (4), Finley Waleboer,
Florence Hobson, Harry Mervill (3), Imogen Folan (2), Jack McClelland (2), James Plant (2),
Jamie Haigh, Lily Palmer, Zac Beattie.

Well done to all qualifiers.

Thank you to Coaches and Team Managers for your time given on Poolside over the weekend.

For full results-


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