Performance Swimming in Kirklees

Sheffield Teaspoons Gala Sept 2014

Results from the Sheffield Teaspoons Gala. All efforts are made to ensure accuracy. We apologise for any errors made.

BOK were awarded Top Club for the second year in succession!  Go BOK!!


Joshua Riding – 9/10 yrs 50m back

Millie Boulding – 9/10 50m fly

Seth Leech – 9/10 50m fly

Charlotte Robinson – 11yrs 50m fly

Nathan Cullen – 12yrs 50m fly

Matthew Wilby – 12yrs 50m breast

Rebecca Thornton – 14yrs 50m back & 50m free

Kyle Chisholm – 15+yrs 50m fly, 50m back & 50m free


Millie Boulding – 9/10 yrs 50m free

Adam Dean – 11yrs 50m free

Holly Pearson – 12yrs 50m breast

Emily Hirst – 13yrs 50m breast

Keelan Fitton – 14yrs 50m breast

Eden Warburton – 14yrs 50m free

Matthew Liddle  – 14yrs 50m fly

Nathan Cullen – 12yrs 50m breast, 50m back & 50m free

Samuel Loizou – 13yrs 50m free, 50m back, 50m fly & 50m breast

Daniel Cross – 15+yrs 50m fly & 50m back


Bailey Ross – 9/10 yrs 50m breast

Jaime Fitton – 11yrs 50m back

Holly Pearson – 12yrs 50m fly

Nathan Watts – 13yrs 50m fly

Eden Warburton – 14yrs 50m back

Emily Robinson – 15+yrs 50m fly

Seth Leech – 9/10 yrs 50m free & 50m back

Joshua Riding – 9/10 yrs 50m breast & 50m fly

Matthew Liddle – 14yrs 50m back & 50m free


Thomas Grierson (4), Tom Dalton (3), Adam Dean (3), Jaime Fitton (3), Charlotte Robinson (3), Matthew Wilby (3), Ben Robinson (3), Emily Robinson (3), Alistair Macklin (3), Niamh Boulding (3), Nathan Watts (3), Naomi Grierson (3), Abigail Fisher (3), Adam Law (3), Keelan Fitton (3), Joshua Loizou (2), Sam Brown (2), Daniel Cross (2), Gina Speakman (2), Thomas Eastwood (2), Nicole Bowler (2), Holly Pearson (2), Millie O’Neill (2), Joel Horsfall (2), David Booth (2), Ellie Jackson (2), Laura Bowler (2), Amelia Pickard (2), Martha Bradley (2), Libby Grayson, Adam Wood, Megan Bellhouse-Smith, Matthew Jackson, Seth Leech, Eleanor Haines, Callum Kilian, Thomas Branch, Rebecca Thornton, Olivia Sykes, Jamie Pridgeon, Isobel Netherwood, Harrison Edwards, Matthew Liddle, Rebecca Pilling, Connor Charles, Katie Scott, Kyle Chisholm, Leah Wallbridge, Alastair Henderson, Rae Shute, Eden Warburton


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