Performance Swimming in Kirklees

Peter Jervis Foundation Open Meet- Sunday 23rd October 2016

Peter Jervis Foundation Open Meet- Sunday 23rd October 2016- SC- Level 3
Retford Leisure Centre
Competing- JP1&2 and JD
BOK acheived- 25 Gold, 22 Silver and 26 Bronze


Emily Oliver(3), Holly Pearson(5), Jacob Grierson, James Plant, Jamie Haigh(2),
Mollie Greene, Neve Locke, Olivia Daley, Ruby Knight(10).


Daniel Marshall,Emily Oliver(4), Gabriella Murtagh, Jacob Grierson(4), James Plant(2),
Jamie Haigh, Madeline Care, Megan Hamer, Mollie Greene, Olivia Daley(3), Rory Bryant(3).
Mollie Greene, Emily Frost(3), Jamie Haigh(2), Rory Bryant(2), Jacob Grierson, Samuel Bennett,
Matthew Jackson(5), Gabriella Murtagh, Brooke Inglesfield(2), Daniel Marshall(3),
Jacob Grierson(2), Lotti Ross, Megan Hamer, Penny Hobson.


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