Performance Swimming in Kirklees

Harrogate Spa Town A/B Graded meet – 14th & 15th April 2018

Harrogate Hydro
Level 3 Short Course
Squads competing- RP, Jp1 and Jp2

BOK achieved- At A Grade- 4 Speeding tickets, 24 Golds, 25 Silvers, 21 Bronzes plus an additional 53 top 8 places

At B Grade- 30 Golds, 30 Silvers ad 31 Bronzes

SPEEDING TICKETS- Eva Knight, Samuel Jackson(2), Thomas Brooks.

GOLD- Gabriella Murtagh, Jack McClelland, Jamie Haigh(2), Libby Grayson, Louis Cass(4), Rory Bryant(2),Samuel Brown(4), Samuel Jackson, Thomas Brooks(5), Zach Beattie(3).

SILVER-Brook Folan, Elliot Mason(2), Finley Waleboer(3), Gabriella Murtagh, Jack McClelland(3),Jamie Haigh, Madelaine Eastwood, Mia Thomas, Rory Bryant(3), Samuel Brown(5).

BRONZE--Ava Garside,Brooke Inglesfield(2), Emilia Hartley, Emma Webb
Henry King, Jack McClelland(3), Louis Cass, Madelaine Eastwood(2), Murron Hirst(2)
Rory Bryant, Samuel Brown(2), Thomas Brooks(2), Zach Beattie(2)

Additonal top 8 places- Ava Garside(5), Brook Folan (2), Brooke Inglesfield,
Charlotte Ross,Elliot Mason(2), Emilia Hartley(5), Emma Webb, Finley Waleboer(3), Gabriella Murtagh,
Henry King, Imogen Folan(2), Jack McClelland(4), Kara Schulyer(2), Lachlan Munro(3), Louis Cass(2),
Madelaine Eastwood, Max Broadley, Megan Hamer, Mia Thomas(2), Missy Hindle (2), Molly Inglesfield(2),
Murron Hirst, Nathan Cox, Piers Burton, Rory Bryant, Thomas Brooks, Tyler Atilman, Zach Beattie(3).

GOLD- Ava Garside, Brook Folan(2), Brooke Inglesfield(2), Charlotte Ross,
Elliot Mason(3), Emilia Hartley, Henry King, Imogen Folan, Izobelle Broadley, Libby Grayson,
Lily Charlesworth, Madelaine Eastwood, Max Broadley(2), Mia Thomas(2), Miley Brown,
Missy Hindle(2), Molly Inglesfield, Nathan Cox, Samuel Brown, Sophie Ross(3), Tyler Atilman.

Silver- Abigail Hancock(2), Alanna Velasquez-Fox, Ava Garside, Emma Webb,
Izobelle Broadley(2), Jake Lawford, Jasmine Berry, Lachlan Munro(2), Lily Charlesworth,
Max Schofield, Mia Thomas(2), Miley Brown, Missy Hindle, Molly Inglesfield, Murron Hirst(3),
Ruby Beaumont, Samuel Bennett, Thorin Burton, Tyler Atilman, William Knight (2), Zara Farrow(3).

Bronze- Abigail Hancock(3), Anya Peters, Brook Folan, Holly Ambrick,
Jake Lawford(2), Jasmine Berry, Joe Brook, Kara Schulyer, Lily Beaumont, Max Schofield,
Megan Hamer(2), Miley Brown(3), Missy Hindle, Murron Hirst, Ruby Beaumont, Samuel Bennett(2),
Shyla Velasquez-Fox, Sophie Ross, Thorin Burton(2), Tyler Atilman, Yonas Mekonen, Zara Farrow(2).

Thank you to Coaches and team managers for time given Poolside over the weekend.

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