Performance Swimming in Kirklees

Harrogate Janus A/B Grade meet- Saturday 7th- Sunday 8th January 2017

Harrogate Janus A/B Grade meet

Harrogate Hydro

Squads competing – Selected SP, JD, JP1 and JP2

BOK acheived- 6 Speeding tickets, 18 A Grade gold, 14 A Grade Silver and 8 A Grade Bronze,

35 B Grade gold, 28 B Grade Silver and 20B Grade Bronze.

Speeding tickets- Anya Locke, Jacob Grierson, Jamie Haigh (2), Keelan Fitton, Rebecca Thornton.

A Grade Gold- Anya Locke (3), Callum Lickess , Ellie Bellhouse- Smith, Gabriella Murtagh,
Georgina Wright, Jacob Grierson (5), Jamie Fitton, Jamie Haigh (3), Leon Tipton, Rosie Hepworth.

A Grade Silver- – Anya Locke, Brooke Inglesfield (2), Emilia Hartley, Hannah Pridgeon (3), Jacob Grierson,
James Dierck, Jamie Haigh (2), Jamie Haines (2), Louis Cass, Millie Yates.

A Grade Bronze- Brooke Inglesfield, Emilia Hartley, Gabriella Murtagh, Georgina Wright (2),
Hannah Pridgeon, Jacob Grierson, Zach Beattie.

B Grade Gold- Archie Forrester (3), Caitlin Bradley, Callum Lickess (2),
Ellie Bellhouse-Smith (3),Henry Grierson (5), Holly Ambrick, Isabella Sykes, Jasmine Berry, Jasper Cossey (3),
Leah Wallbridge, Louis Cass, Mia Thomas, Molly Haynes (2), Olivia Hirst (2), Rohan Fares (3), Tyler Atilman (3), Zach Beattie, Gabriella Murtagh.

B Grade Silver Alice Iwanejko, Archie Forrester, Caitlin Bradley,
Charlotte Ross, Finlay Addy-Child, Francessca Wright, Gabriella Murtagh, Henry Grierson (2), Izobelle Broadley,
Jamie Haines, Jasper Cossey (2), Lachlan Munro, Leon Tipton (2), Madeleine Care, Max Broadley,
Megan Hamer (2),Mia Thomas, Molly Haynes, Olivia Hirst, Ruby Yates, Tyler Atilman, William Knight.

B Grade Bronze- Alice Iwanejko, Caitlin Bradley, Callum Lickess, Charlotte Ross,
Finlay Addy- Child, Hannah Pridgeon, Isabella Sykes, Jasper Cossey, Lachlan Munro, Leah Wallbridge,
Leon Tipton (2), Lucy Care,Megan Hamer, Rohan Fares, Rosie Hobson(2), Tyler Atilman, William Knight (2).

Thank you to Coaches and Team Managers for time given poolside over the weekend.

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