Performance Swimming in Kirklees

Cardiff International Open Meet- Friday 27th- Sunday 29th May 2016

Cardiff International Meet- Level 1

Cardiff International Pool, Olympian Drive, Cardiff

Senior Squad competing

BOK achieved:- 4 Gold, 4 Silver, 6 Bronze and 26 top 10 finishes

Gold- Kyle Chisholm (4)

Silver– Emily Hirst, James Reidy (2), Keelan Fitton

Bronze-Adam Law, Avril Bowler, Kyle Chisholm (3), Sam Loizou

Top 10 Finishes

Adam Law (4), Avril Bowler, Devyn Leask, Emily Hirst (3), James Reidy (4), Keelan Fitton (4)
Kyle Chisholm, Matt Wilby (3),Naomi Grierson, Sam Loizou (4)

For full results-

Thanks to Mark Lappin, Head Coach and Karen Fitton, Team Manager for time given over the 4 day trip and for time on pool side.





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