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Synchro Grades

Progressing in synchronised swimming

SYNCHRO GRADES – new for 2017

From January 2017 a new Grade system has replaced the old Skill Levels and Grades.

As swimmers progress they will be tested in Figure Grades, Routine Grades and Land Grades. Swimmers will need to achieve a specified grade before they can compete in certain competitions. Each competition will detail the entry requirements.

You can read more about Synchro Grades by visiting the ASA Synchronised Swimming Hub

Figure Grades

There are 6 Synchro Figure Grades, which test athletes on their age group figures. The higher the grade, the more difficult the moves.

Each grade has three levels (gold, silver and bronze) giving swimmers the opportunity to improve and perfect their moves.

Higher grades are age-restricted. Swimmers may only attempt Figure Grade 4, 5 and 6 at the appropriate age:

  • Figure Grade 4 – from 1st January of the year they turn 13
  • Figure Grade 5 & 6 – from 1st January of the year they turn 15

Moving from Skill Levels to Grades

If you have achieved a Skill Level you will automatically be moved across to the relevant Grade.

  • Current Skill Level 1 – becomes a Grade 1 bronze
  • Current Skill Level 2 – becomes a Grade 2 bronze … and so on.

Routine Grades

There are five Routine Grades. Visit the ASA Synchro Hub to find out more.

Land Grades

These grades will be introduced in 2018. Visit the ASA Synchro Hub to find out more.

Grade assessment days

Grade assessments take place throughout the country. BOK Synchro swimmers usually attend assessments that take place in the North East or the North West.

Visit the 2017 Grade Assessment Calendar

Find out more about synchronised swimming by visiting the ASA website.