Performance Swimming in Kirklees

Stockport Metro November Open Meet- Friday18th to Sunday 20th November 2016.

Stockport Metro November Open Meet Short Course, Level 2.

Life Leisure Grand Central, Stockport.

Squad competing: SP

This meet did not present medals for any events and some events held finals others were ‘Heat declared’.  Listed are athletes who were placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd with in their age group along with the additional top 8 placings.

Athletes who acheived finals raced in one of 2 Age groupings- Ages 14 yrs and under or 15 yrs and over.
These athletes were-Keelan Fitton, Kyle Chisholm, Thomas Grierson.

Athletes acheiving 1st place within their age group are- Keelan Fitton, Kyle Chisholm

Athletes acheving 2nd in their age group are-Keelan Fitton, Kyle Chisholm, Rosie Hepworth.

Athletes acheiving 3rd in their age group are-Avril Bowler, Keelan Fitton, Kyle Chisholm (2), Rosie Hepworth,
Thomas Grierson.

Athletes acheiving additional top 8 finish within their age group are- Adam Law (3), Alex Stringer, Avril Bowler,
Devyn Leask, Emily Hirst (2), Keelan Fitton (4), Kyle Chisholm (3), Rebecca Thornton (2), Sam Loizou (2)

Paralympic Athlete, Jonathan Booth also competed  and acheived 3 first places as a disability athlete. One of which comes with a huge congratulations as Jonathan broke the British S9 record for 200m Free with a time of 2.04.51.


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