Performance Swimming in Kirklees

National Age Group Championships 2014

BOK had 6 swimmers who with National Qualifying times that had been achieved throughout the 2013-2014 season. We also had the Girls 4 x 100 Freestyle team, Girls 4 x 200 freestyle team and the girls 4 x 100 Medley Team. All the swimmers stepped up and dealt with the challenges of swimming throughout the week in multiple events in the morning and then having to come back in the evening to swim finals. Great week from all the team.

We had 22 swims in total with 11 finals been made, please see below full list of swimmers and results.

Top Club Points

2014 – 29th club overall

Compared to 2013 where we finished 46th over all

Wednesday 1st Session Heats

Keelan Fitton – 200 IM Finished top 30

Sam Loizou – 100 BC Finished 7th in Heat, Final

Rebecca Thornton – 100 FC Finished 9th overall in Heat, Final

Mathew Wilby – 200 BRS 21st Overall in Heat

Sam Loizou – 200 BRS 12th Overall in Heat

Eden Warburton – 200 BC 4th overall in Heat, Final

Wednesday 2nd Session Finals

Sam Loizou – 7th into Final, Overall Finish 6th

Rebecca Thornton – 9th into Final, Overall Finish 8th

Eden Warburton – 4th into Final, Overall Finish 8th

Thursday 3rd Session Heats 

Keelan Fitton – 200 BRS Finished 5th overall in Heat, Final

Sam Loizou – 100 FC Finished 7th overall in Heat, Final

Nathan Cullen – 100 FC Finished 27th overall in Heat

Sam Loizou – 200 IM Finished 9th overall in Heat, Final

Girls 4 x 100 FC Team – Finished 19th overall out 40

Tursday 5th Session Finals

Keelan Fitton – 5th into Final, Overall Finish 8th


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