Performance Swimming in Kirklees



Millie Boulding – 9/10yrs 50m free, 100m free, 100m fly & 200m fly

David Booth – 17+yrs 100m back, 200m back, 200m IM & 50m breast

Thomas Grierson – 11yrs 50m free, 100m breast & 200m fly

Holly Pearson – 12yrs 50m free, 50m fly & 50m breast

Rosie Hepworth – 12yrs 100m fly, 200m fly & 200m free

Charlotte Robinson – 11yrs 100m breast & 200m IM

Ellie Jackson – 15/16yrs 50m free & 50m fly

Seth Leech – 9/10yrs 100m fly

Jaime Fitton – 11yrs 100m back

Avril Bowler – 12yrs 100m breast

Adam Dean – 12yrs 200m free

Martha Bradly – 9/10yrs 100m breast

Chloe Hirst – 11yrs 200m fly

Nicole Bowler – 12yrs 200m back

Naomi Grierson – 13yrs 200m free


Alistair Macklin – 11yrs 50m fly, 100m free & 200m free

Thomas Grierson – 11yrs 50m breast, 200m back & 200m IM

Milly Boulding – 9/10 yrs 50m breast & 200m free

Naomi Grierson – 13yrs 100m free & 100m fly

Harrison Layden-Frtiz – 13yrs 50m back & 100m back

Martha Bradley – 9/10 yrs 200m breast

Charlotte Robinson – 11yrs 200m free

Ben Robinson – 12yrs 100m breast

Adam Dean – 12yrs 100m fly

Rae Shute – 13yrs 200m breast

Charlie Cross – 11yrs 50m free

Jaime Fitton – 11yrs 200m breast

Holly Pearson – 12yrs 100m breast

Nicole Bowler – 12yrs 100m back

Emily Hirst – 13yrs 100m breast


Alistair Macklin – 11yrs 100m fly, 200m IM & 100m back

Seth Leech – 9/10 yrs 200m back & 200m IM

Ben Robinson – 12yrs 200m free & 200m fly

Harrison -Frtiz – 13yrs 50m free & 50m fly

Holly Pearson – 12yrs 50m back & 100 back

Tom Dalton – 9/10yrs 50m free

Sam Brown – 11yrs 200m fly

Charlotte Robinson – 11yrs 100m free

Naomi Grierson – 13yrs 50m breast

Milly Boulding – 9/10yrs 200m IM

Niamh Boulding – 11yrs 100m fly

Thomas Grierson – 11yrs 100m free


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