Performance Swimming in Kirklees

ASANER Short Course Championships- Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November 2016

ASANER Short Course Championships-Short Course Level 2

Sunderland Aquatic Centre, Sunderland.

Squads competing- All Qualifiers

Age Group Results (Upto age 13 in year)

Bok Achieved- 9 Gold, 5 Silver, 6 Bronze and an additional 49 Top 10 places.

Gold-Jamie Pridgeon, Martha Bradley, Milly Boulding(7).

Silver- Martha Bradley(4), Melissa Moorhouse.

Bronze- Gina Speakman, Jamie Pridgeon, Melissa Moorhouse, Milly Boulding(3).

Additional top 10 places- Alastair Henderson(2), Chloe Hirst(6), Edith Hodgson(2), Emily Brook(3),
Gina Speakman(5), Jacob Grierson(4), Jaime Fitton(5), Jamie Pridgeon(6), Luke Clegg(5), Martha Bradley,
Melissa Moorhouse(5), Seth Leech(4), Thomas Plant.

Junior and Senior Results (Age 14yrs and over in year)

Bok Achieved- 1 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze and an additional 11 Top 10 places.

Gold- Kyle Chisholm
Silver- Avril Bowler, Keelan Fitton, Kyle Chisholm(2)
Bronze- Keelan Fitton(2)
Additional top 10 places- Avril Bowler(2), Devyn Leask(4), Holly Pearson, Katie Scott(2), Keelan Fitton,
Rosie Hepworth.

Thanks to coaches and Team managers for time given poolside over the weekend.

For full results-


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